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Evangelysm / Feb 10, 2013

I have created 2 more Titan runs on Monday February 18th and Monday February 25th.

These are for those guild members that have not yet got their Herald titles. It would be great if we could make guild runs for both, even those people who have the title.

However, the raids for yesterday and today (assuming you're reading this on Sat Feb 9th have been cancelled as there were only 3 definites and 2 maybes.

Therefore I have once again added the raids on OpenRaid. Links are below:
18 Feb
25 Feb

If you don't have an OpenRaid account, it will mean that you will need to sign up for one at they make the registration quick and painless.
Who are ReExhumed?
ReExhumed is a Horde guild located on the Defias Brotherhood EU server we were set up in November 2012 by a group of guildmates from Exhumed on Shadowsong EU with the goal of getting the Herald of the Titans achievement by defeating Algalon at level 80 in Ulduar level gear (iLvl 226 or lower). Since that day we have been working towards that goal and are now close to achieving that target.

We are a casual retro raiding guild. When we say "casual" we mean that we will raid irregualrly. It does not mean that we won't take raiding seriously. We will, however, raid with an easy-going, laid back and relaxed attitude. "Retro" is the main reason for existing is so people can rerun old content at the appropriate level in content appropriate gear, so NO cheating by using high level greens from the next expansion.

We believe that everyone has the right to a life outside of WoW. As such, we don't follow any strict schedule for raiding or events. Rather, we have a very flexible schedule that aims to fit best with everyone's busy life. We want to experience all the old raiding content we're able to, without jeopardizing any relationships, jobs, schooling, or current raid progress with our "main" guild.

Our goal is to be a close-knit bunch that wants to enjoy our game time the best way we can while keeping things fun and drama free. So if you're looking for something different from the majority of WoW's guilds, then we might be the right guild for you.